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Kristin Egan

Kristin operates at the intersection of real estate, technology, and community.

She has served as both a development and operations advisor to many large-scale urban development projects such as the redevelopment of NYC's Rockefeller Center and Seaport District, and Melbourne Australia's Waterfront City Docklands.

Kristin is a graduate of Harvard University's prestigious AMDP Executive Real Estate program.

After enduring the experience of placing a parent in aged care, she quickly identified many solvable  pain points, and began working on the Robyn Bridge Senior Living concept.

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Shauna O'Donnell
Research Lead

Shauna is a clinical project leader with over a decade of experience working in hospital, industry, and startup settings.

Shauna led clinical projects responsible for many meaningful innovations, including an early multi-cancer detection test.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, she obtained additional clinical and leadership certifications from Barnett International, Stanford, and the Society of Clinical Research Associates.

Shauna is a dedicated advocate for the advancement of aged care.

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